Our Story

As one of the founders of Follow Bakery Studio, our head chef graduated from SAIT Polytechnic University. She was cordially invited on "Ideal Chef's Theatre" while she was working in fine dining restaurant. After many years of vocational study and extensive  experience working, She decided to purse her passion and move back to Calgary to start her own business.

We believe in the value of homemade, crafted quality baked goods. Not only do they warm the home, but our hearts as well! Our favorite time of day is early in the morning, when our first batch comes fresh out of the oven with an intoxicating smell that fills our city streets.

Valuing locally grown, fresh ingredients, all our originally crafted recipes look and taste amazing! We keep it simple, and prioritize freshness and taste over glitz and glamor. Your taste buds will no doubt agree! As they dance with joy from that first bite, we are certain you will too.